Design of Parallel/Distributed Computer Systems and Computations


Dr. Sanzheng Qiao
GS305, ext. 27234,

Office Hours

S. Qiao: Tue. 14:30--15:30, Thur. 14:30--15:30, GSB305

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Term II, 2000-2001
TRF 11:30-12:20, BSB/318

Calendar Decription

Design of multi-processor systems for computation-intensive applications and high-reliability applications, array processing systems. Application of multi-processor systems to finite element methods, simulations, optimization methods.
Prerequisites SFWR ENG 3X03, 4A03, 4E03

Course Objectives

Gain basic skills in design and analysis of parallel programs; recognize the differences between sequential programming and parallel programming; identify parallelism in scientific and engineering applications.

Outline of Topics

Basic issues in high-performance computing; models of parallel computing; programming in shared address space and message passing environment; scientific and engineering applications.


Three lectures a week. Programming assignments.

Student Assessment (Grading)

One final (40%) and three programming assignments (60% total) will be handed out. Assignments are due at the end of the lecture. The penalties for late homework are: same day after the lecture, -10%; next day, -30%; two days late, -60%; no acceptance afterwards. The scale used by the Registrar's Office is adopted, possibly with minor adjustments, for converting the percentage marks to final letter grades.


Lecture notes are available on this web page.


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(posted April 5, 2001)


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