CAS 761: Generative Programming

Class: Monday, Friday 1:00-2:30, ITB 222.

The course will cover, through discussion and readings of important papers in the area, the related topics of generative programming, Domain Specific Languages, generic programming and program families. 60% of the mark will be given for leading class discussion of each assigned paper, and 40% on a small project.

Papers which have been presented:

Papers that will be presented (i.e. claimed/assigned):
Further papers to choose from: Note that some of the links above are to the author's private copy of the paper, and may not represent the final typesetting of the article by the publisher. Links to the published version will be added too, as time permits.

Also useful is this glossary of terminology around generative programming. Further references can be found on the web page for a fall 2002 grad course by W. Taha.