W. F. Smyth -- Current Teaching & Supervision

CAS 722: Computing Patterns in Strings
This graduate course provides introductory coverage of many of the important algorithms
developed since the mid-1970s to find various kinds of patterns in strings. Applications,
especially to DNA sequence analysis and data compression, are discussed. The course is
based on my recently-published book, Computing Patterns in Strings. Take a look at some
of the Course Material.

As specified in the table below, since 1988 30 students have received the M.Sc. degree at McMaster under my supervision. Of these, 24 have graduated from the research M.Sc. programme in Computer Science established in 1997, including five cosupervised by Professor Franya Franek, four others by Professor Pat Ryan, and one by G. Brian Golding and Lucian Ilie. All 24 worked in the area of string algorithms, and the thesis work of all but four has led to research papers published in refereed international journals or refereed conference proceedings.

In December 2007 my first Ph.D. student, Simon Puglisi, graduated from Curtin University of Technology (cosupervised with Andrew Turpin); a month later, in January 2008, my second Ph.D student, Mohammad Sohel Rahman (cosupervised with Costas Iliopoulos), graduated from King's College London. In 2009 two more Ph.D. students, Shu Wang and Munina Yusufu, graduated from the Computer Science programme at McMaster. They were followed in 2017 by A.S.M. Sohidull (Sohan) Islam.

Currently at McMaster, together with Dr. Neerja Mhaskar, I cosupervise M.Sc. student Holly Koponen.

Since 2017 I also worked closely with Dr. Mhaskar in her role as a Post-Doctoral Fellow.

All of my students at McMaster have been members of the Algorithms Research Group.

Here is the complete list of graduate students who so far have graduated under my supervision, including current employment for some of them (* indicates Ph.D.):

2017 Sohan Islam* Repeats in Strings & Appl. in Bioinformatics Software Design/Development
2015 Sarah Banyassady Approximate Repetitions with Spaced Seeds Software Design/Development
2015 Raazia Shafqat Compare Clustering Packages USEARCH,DNACLUST Software Design/Development
2014 Widmer Bland Completing the New Periodicity Lemma Software Design/Development
2012 Hamid Mohamadi BOND: Basic OligoNucleotide Design Ph.D. student (UBC)
2012 Robert Fuller Performance Comparison of Runs Algorithms Ph.D. student (McMaster)
2010 Evguenia Kopylova Repetitions in Strings: Current Algorithms Clarity Genomics, JLINX, Belgium
& the Combinatorics of Future Ones
2009 Shu Wang* Indeterminate Strings Decentral, Chief Security Officer
2009 Munina Yusufu* Efficient Computation of String Regularities Associate Professor (China)
2009 Anisa Al-Hafeedh Using Suffix Arrays for LZ Compression Ph.D. student (Sultan Qaboosh U, Oman)
2008 Sohel Rahman* Fast & Efficient Algorithms on Strings Professor & Head of School (BUET, Bangladesh)
2007 Simon Puglisi* Strings, Suffix Arrays & Periodicity Academy of Finland Fellow (University of Helsinki)
2007 Gang Chen Lempel-Ziv Factorization employed in industry
2006 Shu Wang Pattern-Matching on Indeterminate Strings Ph.D. student (McMaster)
2004 Kangmin Fan Investigating Run-Maximal Strings employed in industry
2004 Xiaoyang Yu New Suffix Array Algorithms employed in industry
2002 Xiangdong Xiao Computing Quasi Suffix Arrays IBM
2002 Chris Jennings Linear-Time Fast Exact Pattern Matching self-employed (Ottawa)
2001 Xin Chen 2D Matching for Image Similarity Retrieval employed in California
2001 Jiandong Jiang Frequency of Occurrence, Two-Pattern Strings Microsoft (Seattle)
2001 Chi-Wei Wu Algorithms for Polygon Similarity
2001 Yudong Tang Repeating Substrings in O(n) Space employed in China
2001 Shudi Gao New Properties of Borders & Covers of Strings IBM Toronto
2000 Weilin Lu Repetitions in Two-Pattern Strings IBM
2000 Lu Yang Computing a k-Cover of a String IBM Toronto
2000 Yu Sun Consensus Strings under Hamming Distance
1998 Yin Li String Covering Algorithms IBM Toronto
1998 Bandula Dahanayake Repetitions in Strings
1998 Ayse Karaman Sturmian Strings Asst. Prof. (Isik University)
1994 Irene Zhong Object-Oriented Course Administration System DuPont Corporation
1993 Chris Cupido A System for Teaching Boolean Algebra
1993 Nick Werczak 3D Engineering Graphics Waterfront International
1992 Hong Zhou Engineering Graphics IBM Toronto
1992 Yan Xia Graph Theory Toolkit System
1988 Shu-Shan Li Graph Perfect -- A Graph Editor

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