Brain-imaging in an immersive motion simulator

The Software

What makes the Simulator interactive and immersive is the Software. The majority of the software used is devolved using tools from Presagis (CAE Canada).

We did spend about 1 year to integrate design, code, and integrate all the software systems needed. Much coding was done using the powerful packages/libraries to develop a fully customized software environment enabling our experiments. We are using 8 computers, most of the Linux, some Windows, we give us the real-time (60 Hz) system we need.

  • Visualization
  • Simulation
    • The scenario manager developed with Presagis Stage ®
    • AI developed using the Presagis AI.implant ®
    • The car physics, coded using ODE
    • Flight physics is provided by Presagis FlightSim and HeliSim
  • Glass Cockpit
  • Content Creation
    • 3d model creation using Presagis Creator and Blender
    • Synthetic environment is compiled using Terra Vista