J. Zucker:   Graduate Students

(Note:   All programs and degrees are in Computer Science, unless otherwise stated.
Technical Reports with the number prefixed by 'CAS' are published by the
Dept of Computing & Software, McMaster University.


  • Jeff Koster:   MSc, Sept. 2002.
    Relative Strengths of While-programs with and without Counters and Stacks.
    [Tech. Report CAS 02-05-JZ]
    Jeff will be continuing in the PhD program, under my supervision, from Sept. 2006.

  • Wei Jiang:   MSc, Dec. 2002.
    Universality and Semicomputability of Non-deterministic Programming Languages over Abstract Algebras.
    [Abstract,   Tech. Report CAS 03-03-JZ]
    Wei is currently in the PhD program at the University of Waterloo, under the supervision of D. Toman.

  • Li Luo:   MSc, April 2003.
    Specifiability and Computability of Functions by Equations on Partial Algebras.
    Tech. Report CAS 03-07-JZ.

  • Jian Xu:   MSc, August 2003.
    Models of Computation on Abstract Data Types based on Recursive Schemes.
    [Abstract,   Tech. Report CAS 03-09-JZ.]
    Jian is currently in the PhD program under the supervision of W. Farmer.

  • Likang Zhu:   MSc, Sept. 2003.
    Hoare Logics for Programming Languages with Partial Functions and Non-Deterministic Choice.
    [Abstract,   Preprint]
    Likang is currently a Software Developer at Jefferson Pilot Financial Insurance Co., Omaha.

  • Bo (Tyler) Xie:   MSc, August 2004.
    Characterisations of Semicomputable Sets of Real Numbers.
    [Abstract,   Tech. Report CAS 03-09-JZ.]

  • Yuan (Jack) Wang:   MSc, Sept. 2001.
    Semantics of Non-Deterministic Programs and the Universal Function Theorem over Abstract Algebras.
    [Abstract,   Tech. Report CAS 01-03-JZ]
    Jack is currently a Software Developer at the E-Commerce Dept, IBM Toronto Lab.

  • Hong Shen:   MEng (Electrical & Computer Engineering), Oct. 1995.
    Implementation of Table Inversion Algorithms.
    (Joint supervision with D. Parnas.)
    Hong is currently a Software Developer for Hummingbird, Ottawa.

  • Hing Kai Hung:   PhD, Aug. 1990 (from Computer Science Dept, SUNY-Buffalo).
    Compositional Semantics and Program Correctness for Procedures with Parameters.
    [Tech. Report 90-18, Computer Science Dept, SUNY-Buffalo]
    This thesis has led to the following papers: