Brain-imaging in an immersive motion simulator

The Motion Platform and Cabin

The Original System

In the spring of 2006 obtained a motion simulator. The simulator is based on a 6DOF motion platform (Moog 6DOF2000E) and pod (see picture), that can accommodate up to five people and features a spaceship-pod fiberglass shell, interior projection system and Dolby digital surround-sound. The Moog-built motion system is electric, has six-degrees-of-freedom (surge, sway, heave, roll, pitch, yaw), a Steward platform with a 1000 Kg (2,205 lbs) payload, and a maximum of 0.6 Gs of acceleration.

A Moog motion platform

The old driving setup

After receiving the system we then changed the setup from a presentation system (read amusement park ride) into an interactive system, which consisted of developing a custom control system, software, and modifying two existing games, vDrift for driving and FlightGear for flying.

The Modifications

Installing the aluminum framework to hold the new visual system

We since then modified the system significantly: All seating was removed and only one seat was installed in the center of the cabin; a new visual system was installed consisting of three 42'' flat screens, to give a 120 degree field of view; a flexible cockpit setup with 3 touch screens and different control inputs for driving and flying.