Chapter 3. Panel Sessions


Below you will find downloadable versions of the papers to be presented at WISE'01. The page numbers listed following the authors correspond to pages of the printed version of the proceedings. The downloadable versions do not currently contain the header and correct page numbers. Please cite the page numbers given here when referencing any of the works.

WISE'01: Proceedings of the 1st Workshop on Inspection in Software Engineering are published by the Software Quality Research Lab, McMaster University, July, 2001.

Tools Support and Inspection

  • Software Inspection using CodeSurfer by Paul Anderson and Tim Teitelbaum pp. 4-11.- PDF or postscript

  • Reviews and Inspections- An Approach to the Improvement of Telecom Software Development Process by Stjepan Golubic and Dean Marusic pp. 12-19. - PDF or postscript

  • Groupware Support for Software Requirements Inspection by Michael Halling, Paul Grunbacher and Stefan Biffl pp. 20-29. - PDF or postscript

  • Integrating Formal V and V and Structured Design Reviews by Issa Traore and Demissie Aredo pp. 30-39. - PDF or postscript

Theory into Practice

  • A value-based framework for the evaluation of software inspection processes by Stefan Biffl and Michael Halling pp. 40-48. - PDF or postscript

  • Practical Code Inspection for Object-Oriented Systems by Alastair Dunsmore, Marc Roper and Murray Wood pp. 49-57. - PDF or postscript

  • Semantic Inspection of UML Designs by Tim Heyer pp. 58-67. - PDF or postscript

  • Detecting Ambiguities in Requirements Documents Using Inspections by Erik Kamsties, Daniel Berry and Barbara Paech pp. 68-80. - PDF or postscript

  • Sample-Driven Inspections by Thomas Thelin, Hakan Petersson and Claes Wolin pp. 81-91. - PDF or postscript

  • On Inspection and Verification of Software with Timing Requirements by Jia Xu pp. 92-98. - PDF or postscript

Improving Inspections

  • The Darker Side of Inspection by Juha Iisakka and Ilkka Tervonen pp. 99-104. - PDF or postscript

  • The Systematic Adaptation of Perspective-based Inspections to Software Development Projects by Oliver Laitenberger and Kirstin Kohler pp. 105-114. - PDF or postscript

  • Systematic Improvement of Technical Reviews in Large-Scale Embedded Systems Development by Oliver Laitenberger, Marek Leszak, Werner Brunck and Dieter Stoll pp. 115-126. - PDF or postscript

  • An Improvement Program Spreading Effective use of Reviews and Inspections throughout a Multinational Telecommunications Company by Robert MacFarland, Stjepan Golubic and Dean Grenner pp. 127-135. - PDF or postscript

  • An Experimental Comparison of Usage-Based and Checklist-Based Reading by Thomas Thelin, P. Runeson and C. Wohlin pp. 136-144. - PDF or postscript

  • Looking for Inspection Improvements through Base Practices by Ilkka Tervonen, Juha Iisakka and Lasse Harjumaa pp. 145-152. - PDF or postscript