Selected Sixteen Papers (Author choice, ordered from the most recent)

  1. R. Janicki, J. Kleijn, M. Koutny and Ł. Mikulski, Classifying Invariant Structures of Step Traces, Journal of Computer and System Sciences 104 (2019), 297-322, PDF File.

  2. R. Janicki, Approximations of Arbitrary Relations by Partial Orders, International Journal of Approximate Reasoning, 98 (2018) 177-195 , PDF File.

  3. R. Janicki, X. Yin, Modeling Concurrency With Interval Traces, Information and Computation, 253 (2017) 78-108. PDF File.

  4. R. Janicki, J. Kleijn, M. Koutny and Ł. Mikulski, Step Traces, Acta Informatica, 53 (2016) 35-65. PDF File.

  5. R. Janicki, A. Lenarcic, Optimal Approximations with Rough Sets and Similarities in Measure Spaces, International Journal of Approximate Reasoning, 71 (2016) 1-14. PDF File.

  6. R. Janicki, M. H. Soudkhah, On Classification with Pairwise Comparisons, Support Vector Machines and Feature Domain Overlapping, The Computer Journal, 58, 3 (2015). PDF File.

  7. R. Janicki, Property-Driven Rough Sets Approximations of Relations, In A. Skowron, Z. Suraj (eds.), Rough Sets and Intelligent Systems - Professor Zdzisław Pawlak in Memoriam (Series: Intelligence Systems Reference Laboratory Vol. 42), pp. 333-357, Springer 2013. PDF File.

  8. R. Janicki, Y. Zhai, On a Pairwise Comparison Based Consistent Non-Numerical Ranking, Logic Journal of IGPL 20, 4 (2012), 667-676. PDF File.

  9. R. Janicki, Pairwise Comparisons Based Non-Numerical Ranking, Fundamenta Informaticae 94 (2009), 1-21. PDF File.

  10. R. Janicki, Relational Structures Model of Concurrency, Acta Informatica 45,4 (2008), 279-320. PDF File.

  11. R. Janicki, D.T.M. Le, Towards a Pragmatic Mereology, Fundamenta Informaticae 75, 1- 4 (2007), 295-314. PDF File.

  12. R. Janicki, A. Wassyng, Tabular Expressions and Their Relational Semantics, Fundamenta Informaticae 67, 4 (2005), 343-370. PDF File.

  13. R. Janicki, M. Koutny, Semantics of Inhibitor Nets, Information and Computation, 123, 1 (1995), 1‑16. PDF File.

  14. R. Janicki, M. Koutny, Structure of Concurrency, Theoretical Computer Science, 112 (1993), 5-52. PDF File.

  15. R. Janicki, P. E. Lauer, M. Koutny and R. Devillers, Concurrent and Maximally Concurrent Evolution of Non-Sequential Systems, Theoretical Computer Science, 43 (1986), 213-238. PDF File.

  16. R. Janicki, Nets, Sequential Components and Concurrency Relations, Theoretical Computer Science, 29 (1984), 87-121. PDF File.

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