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Research Papers

  1. S. Smith, P. Michalski, J. Carette, Z. Keshavarz-Motamed State of the Practice for Lattice Boltzmann Method Software, Archives of Computations Methods in Engineering (DOI).
  2. J. Carette, W. S. Smith, J. Balaci Generating Software for Well-Understood Domains, in Proceedings of EVCS 2023. There is also a version on arXiv.
  3. C. Lengauer and J. Carette Eelco Visser as a Founding Member of the IFIP WG 2.11, in Proceedings of EVCS 2023.
  4. J Carette, G Ortiz, A Sabry Symbolic Execution of Hadamard-Toffoli Quantum Circuits. Proc. of PEPM 2023. There is also a github repository with all the code. And slides
  5. G.M.Smith and J. Carette What Lies Beneath - A Survey of Affective Theory Use in Computational Models of Emotion published in IEEE Transactions on Affective Computing, Vol 13 issue 4. official version.
  6. W. de Meo, J. Carette. A Machine-checked Proof of Birkhoff's Variety Theorem in Martin-Loef Type Theory. 27th International Conference on Types for Proofs and Programs (TYPES 2021) LIPIcs volume 239. p. 4:1-4:21. Published 2022. DOI: 10.4230/LIPIcs.TYPES.2021.4. publisher version.
  7. J Carette, WM Farmer, Y Sharoda Leveraging the Information Contained in Theory Presentations (also: local version and official link), Proceedings of CICM 2020. LNCS 12236, p.55-70.
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  10. J Carette, RP James, A Sabry Embracing the Laws of Physics: Three Reversible Models of Computation, also available from arxiv; published in Advances in Computers; beware, the publisher's version is super ugly as it was done in Word. I recommend using our preprint.
  11. Jason Z.S. Hu, Jacques Carette Formalizing Category Theory in Agda in Proc. of CPP 2021. This is the proper version of what was previously called Proof-Relevant Category Theory in Agda (on arxiv).
  12. J Carette, B. MacLachlan, S Smith GOOL: Generic Object-Oriented Language Short version, as it will appear in Proc. of PEPM 2020. There is a Long version on arxiv; a local version is also available.
  13. M. Al-hassy, J Carette, W Kahl A Language Feature to Unbundle Data at Will (short paper) Proc. of GPCE 2019.
  14. R Walia, P Narayanen, J Carette, C Shan, S Tobin-Hochstadt From High-Level Inference Algorithms to Efficient Code, Proc. of ACM Program. Lang., Vol 3, No. ICFP, August 2019. DOI:10.1145/3341702
  15. S. Soraine, J. Carette Towards Accessibility of Games: Mechanical Experience, Competence Profiles and Jutsus. Journal of Games, Self & Society 2 (1), p.150-209. 2020. There's also a full version with extra material (11 mores pages) in an appendix.
  16. G. Smith, J. Carette Design Foundations for Emotional Characters, author's copy, Eludamos, Journal for Computer Game Culture 10 (1), p.109-140. Publisher's version.
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  21. J Carette, WM Farmer, P Laskowski HOL Light QE, in Proceedings of Interactive Theorem Proving 2018, part of FLOC 2018.
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